Sunday, 25 December 2005

The Ocelot and The Bear

Words by Mike Richardson, illustrations by Thomas McNulty

"Check out that Ocelot over there," said the Bear
"she'll be nice to eat.
I'll gobble her up for my supper
She looks like a delicious treat.

All i must do is catch her
and take her to my lair
I'll nibble her nose
and chomp on her toes

I'll be a big fat happy Bear." 

The Ocelot saw the Bear coming
with a hungry look in his eyes
quickly they both started running
but the Ocelot was cunning and wise;

She thought: "What a silly Bear!
Does he think he's faster than me?
I'll just run him about
and tire him out
then i'll hide up a nice tall tree."

The Bear was strong and before too long
he found her hiding place
He looked up at the Ocelot and rubbed his belly
thinking how lovely she would taste.

He prowled around and around

Then he growled as he stomped on the ground:
"Ocelot you think you're clever
but You cant stay up there forever
give up, you've lost, now come down!"

The Ocelot laughed at the Bear:"Ha!
Well let's just wait and see.
I hear your tummy grumbling
You're too hungry to wait for me.

Feast your eyes on all those animals
in the fields just over there,
go grab a cow
or a big fat sow
a more succulent meal for a bear."
The bear became confused.
he knew the Ocelot was right.
he could shake the tree and the branches all day
and still go hungry that night.

As he left to hunt some easier prey, He barked:
"I'll be back some day!!!...
I will! eat your nose
and your chubby little toes,
i'll get you come what may!"

The Ocelot smiled as one would at a child
and snuggled up in her tree.
"Dream on! you grumpy ol' Bear" she said
"I'm clever, you'll never catch me!"

At last she relaxed and watched the bear
as he chased a big flossy sheep.
Now safe in her tree
she knew she was free
and drifted quietly off to sleep.

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