Monday, 5 November 2012

Artists Bio + Contact

Thomas McNulty,

Born Manchester, UK
Currently working in Brighton,UK


As an artist I take an experimental approach to the process of image making.
Altering the method of creation is a key part of this
I have worked as part of 2 art collectives.
Both of these focused on the creation of collaborative paintings,
where the different styles of the artists merge into one image.
I have brought this merging of style into my own work,
where the boundaries between my different methods have been broken down,
I see my art as an expression of the emotion present in the process.
The images are rarely planned and evolve over time 
as I improvise new ideas constantly throughout the creation of the image.
This is essentially playful, in much the same way that the creation of music is
This is why music has always been my biggest influence, especially experimental and improvised music.
It is not important to me to have a pre-conceived notion or concept to deliver to the viewer
and will always encourage people to draw their own conclusions on 'meaning'

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I also make tunes occasionally. 

Hopefully more for the hearing soon.

Vonn Stropp, Mike Patton, Alan Watts, Aphex Twin, Anthony Francisco Schepperd, Hieronymus Bosch, David Firth, Gobliiins, Chris Cunningham, Machinedrum, Alan Moore, reality, unreality, Taoism, Picasso, Mars One, Takashi Murakami, The Chapman Brothers, Phlegm, Blu, Malarky, Max Ernst, Roberto Matta, Dali, MC Escher, Venetian Snares, Anime, Manga, Videogames, Cycling, Smoking, Going to the cinema, drinking in pubs, drinking not in pubs, raves, free parties, silliness, fun, collaboration, mess, fungi, everything, nothing, live eels, Pryapisme, Igorrr, Art Schism, Sinna One, Req, Stink Like Dog, IOT Art, Brighton, Swearing, Coloured Goo, the internet, Chris Menes, Lewis Carter, BubaSingSong, Max Wade, MVF, Dufus, Culprate, Dr Slaggleberry, Emperor Yes, House of Strange

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