Saturday, 27 November 2010

Collaboration Sessions - Diastr

In November 2010 Tom organized a live painting event at The Phoenix Gallery, Brighton
Bringing together a number of artists that had become involved in the Collaboration Sessions project.
3 8ft x 4ft boards were hung and over the course of 2 weeks the artists worked on them while publicly displayed. The project culminated on the evening of 27th November 2010.
The crew masked up and got to business for a final live performance at the opening of the group show 'Diastr'

The artists involved were:
Romain Lecour, Guillaume Gautier, Thomas McNulty (MVF, Collective-Era), Lewis Carter (MVF), Rebekah Joy Shirley, Thomas Stimson,  Chris Menes (Collective-Era), Noemi Kaori Yoza, Paul Stanczykowski, Dan Theman, Katherine Griffin, Tristan Bristow, Layla Mohamed (Collective-Era), Sam Coad

Some live action for yer

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